Truther Talk Episode 51: Hippie Hate! – an interview with Jan Irvin


In Truther Talk Episode 51: Hippie Hate.. Or attack of the fake liberals.. April and Virstyne talk about the social networking phenomena of picking fights for any number of reasons big, medium and small.. How people address you in a manner differently than they would to your face.. Does social networking, texting and technology remove one's empathy?

In the next segment, while Virstyne is off on her learjet to go Llama wrangling.. April invites back to the show, Gnostic Media's Jan Irvin to discuss this phenomena and some personal attacks he's been receiving from the Hippie Haters. Tune in to find out the meaning of 'Hippie Hate' in all it's irony, hypocrisy and down right kookie nature of those who claim spiritual enlightenment, peace and love while attacking, stalking and trying to bring down anyone who expresses a contrary opinion to their own.

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In the final segment Virstyne returns to talk about the Hippie haters under the umbrella of the fake liberals and the number of ways in which we've been on the receiving end of their wrath through social networking or otherwise.

You won't want to miss this lively show as they call out the fake liberals, phony new agers, false feminists, hippie haters and more.

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