Nathan Fraser: Empowerment Media with Jan Irvin

Jan Irvin, of Gnostic Media, joins us this week to discuss a wide range of topics. We start with an inspection of the different types of alternative media, from the over abundance of fear porn to the growing popularity of the empowering, educational variety. Then, we get into the Trivium method of learning and how it can be utilized in all aspects of life. Later on, we go over some of the logical fallacies used by politicians and corporations in order to take advantage of the uneducated masses. To wrap things up, we delve into the origins of the mk-ultra program and its ties to the early and current counter cultures, specifically pertaining to the music industry and psychedelic movements. So much information was packed into this episode, it's amazing that we got it all to fit in two hours. Listen to this one with a pen and a pad to take notes with.

Jan's main site can be found at Gnostic Media.

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