Unplugged Mom interviews Jan Irvin and Jarett Sanchez – 2 for 1

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The Trivium: The Concept and the Practical Application

By Laurette Lynn on Aug 22, 2011
Unplugged Mom Podcast brings you an exploration and introduction to the Trivium

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Teaching with the Trivium” or something similar but you’re just not quite sure what it means, where to start looking for answers or quite what it’s all about. Well, here’s your answer.

In this two-part series, I speak to two valuable teachers of the Trivium concept to bring you – my valued Unplugged Friends – an explanation and exploration of this conceptual method of critical thinking that we can begin to immediately apply to learning, living and thinking – making the world a better place! I’m a fan of trivium ideology – it’s Unplugged xtreme really because once you understand how to think critically and better separate the reality from the artificial BS out there – you simply can’t help but to begin living it!

First, I speak to Jan Irvin who is currently considered to be among the top-most experts on Trivium learning. Jan gives us a foundational understanding of the concept and some thought provoking examples of thinking more critically. You can learn more about Jan and the many awesome projects in which he is involved by visiting him at Gnostic media.


Then, I have the pleasure of discussing the trivium further with Jarett Sanchez, who is both a student and now teacher of the trivium method in critical thinking. Jarrett offers more thoughts to ponder and a reviewed explanation as well as some practical ways in which we can begin to apply better thinking, learning and living to our lives. You can learn more about Jarret as well as the trivium at The Trivium Binder or by checking out his podcast The Next Step Podcast.

It is important to realize that while many parents want to embrace a Trivium style to their home education endeavors – it is imperative that we first understand the conceptual foundation of critical thinking before we can really begin to pass it on to our kids. And the good news is that it’s easy, because once you learn to think – you won’t be able to help yourself and neither will your kids because they learn – as we know – by example! Learn more about the trivium by joining the guests of this series as well as me, yours truly, at the Learning the Trivium forum on Facebook. When you get there, tell em the Unplugged Mom sent ya 😉

Listen up folks, because as I say… I am not here to tell you what to think – I am simply here to urge you to think! And here’s how…

Jarett Sanchez interview:

  6 comments for “Unplugged Mom interviews Jan Irvin and Jarett Sanchez – 2 for 1

  1. Mark B
    August 23, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    My local NBC “news” reported findings, based on a 10 yr study, that addictions are a disease involving the need for reward. So I’ll guess it will take 100 yrs before “they” report the cause as being largely based spurred by corporate installed Joneses
    that had the populace feeling inadequit, hence seeking personal reward.

  2. Martin
    August 23, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    I like what you did with the TriviumEducation.com website, Jan. Very user friendly. Glad to hear you on the other side of the mic as well. I am eager to hear your upcoming guests.

  3. Vic Demise
    August 29, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    @Mark B: Check out the videos etc featuring Dr. Gabor Mate on addiction.(He is anything but mainstream- and VERY compassionate about addiction).
    Addiction to the real hard drugs like heroin and cocaine are very real and involve neurotransmitters (mostly dopamine) but addicts are “born” out of negative life circumstances usually very early in life.
    He’s never had an addicted female patient, for example, who wasn’t sexually abused, and some males as well. He also explains why some downtrodden races gravitate toward drinking and drugs because of stress that is frequently passed on via stress the parents are under due to their crappy lot in life.
    I just started listening to this podcast,so don’t judge me too hard. I will listen to this, and you can maybe check out Dr. Mate (pronounced Maht-Ay)
    Scroll down to see some great videos.

  4. Vic Demise
    August 29, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    This was a fantastic program!! My poor mind has been rather stagnant for some time (Though not compared to most people around me).
    It’s good to be reminded HOW to think for myself in a LOGICAL way.
    I found this both educational- challanging, and validating.
    Keep it up!

  5. August 30, 2011 at 5:01 am

    Just something I have thought of, where does creative thinking come into this? Is it having a strong grammar base? Deductive reasoning in my opinion is creative thinking. Is it abstracting the grammar into original logical forms? Throwing paint onto a wall or writing a poem that has no sense or meaning is not very creative, but when you have good grammar and can reorder things into a logical new way its considered genius.

  6. Mark B
    September 1, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    Good point Peter! I had an interesting thought today that “just came to me” being that vampire is a metaphore for empire, works in the dark, seduces or kills it’s victims even creating underling “states” that perpetuate the meme. It may have something to do with understanding the 7 principals of natural law found in the Kybalion. Discovery itself is certainly not made by reading a book. That is just a relay of information.

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