The Balkan Wars Cover-Up, Yugoslavia, 1999

Balkan Wars Cover-Up

Yugoslavia 1999

By Jan Irvin

"All War is Based on Deception"

Sun Tzu

"Their questions hit home, and I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government. For the sake of those boys, for the sake of this government, for the sake of hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent." ~ Martin Luther King

U.S. missiles "LIBERATED" these Yugoslav and Albanian children

Children killed during a U.S. attack on Korisa, YU - May 15, 1999 -- Photo by Strike on YU -

"First of all, for the first question, as I already said in my briefing, it was a legitimate target. Since late April we knew there were command posts, military pieces in that area and they have been continuously used. ... It was a military target which had been used since the beginning of the conflict over there and we have all sources used to identify this target in order to make sure that this target was still a valid target when it was attacked." - NATO Major General Walter Jertz

The Balkan Wars News Article Server

Search the Balkan Wars news articles server.

The server (now out of service) was for daily war updates and 1998-99 newspaper articles.

I collected over 500 newspaper articles during that time. These national and international articles show the suppressed information that the Western media attempted to hide, and will prove to you that something was definitely going on. I have these articles stored in a database file - for serious inquiry only.

(Our appreciation goes out to AP, Reuters, BBC, and TiM, Tanjug, and many others for these articles.)

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© Jan Irvin, 1997 - 2003

The following article was originally written on Sept. 19, 1997; updated Sept. 98, Feb-Mar. 1999, Oct. 2000, Sept. 2002, and with photos in Jan. 2003.


After living in the Balkan area for 16 months between June '95 and September 2000, I would like to present a few new points of interest to the Western beliefs of Yugoslavia (Republic of Serbia & Republic of Montenegro) and the former republics (states) of Yugoslavia (former Republic of Bosnia, former Republic of Croatia, former Republic of Macedonia and former Republic of Slovenia).

Yes, to those of you who didn't know, Yugoslavia does still exist!

Serbian postcard reveals the Serbian attitude toward the U.S. occupation of Europe.

Western media and governments have done everything possible to erase Yugoslavia off the map. (Update: summer of 2002. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia government consisting of the Republic of Serbia, and the Republic of Montenegro has decided to discontinue the use of the Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija) name.)

Note: This page does not support the communist party of Slobodan Milosevic or NATO/U.S. actions in the region. 90% of Yugoslavs do not support Milosevic's "actions" either, though Western media would have you believe otherwise.


Balkan war 1991-1997 Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia

And Serbia, Kosovo 1998-1999


1) Was the former Serbian president (governor), and current Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic a CIA operative when he was residing in New York? Did Milosevic turn "bad" against the CIA after he came to power? Or is the CIA just making him "look" like the US enemy? How did Milosevic as president (governor) of Serbia manage to be elevated to a place of higher power than the former Yugoslav president himself - Zoran Lilic (example: the governor of Iowa gains power over the U.S. president and manages to take political control of the entire country while remaining only as Gov. of Iowa.)? Was Milosevic originally elevated to power with the help of the CIA? What is the link to the NSA/CIA and the current crisis? What does the NSA/CIA have to gain? How is international banking involved?

(Update March 13, 2003: Yesterday, Serbian prime minister Zoran Gingic was assassinated. Gingic became the Serbian prime mister after Milosevic left the position to become the Yugoslav president. When Slobodan Milosevic reached his constitutional limit of terms for prime minister of Serbia, he became president of Yugoslavia, taking the place of Zoran Lilic. The two men literally played political musical chairs. Serbian officials are saying that the assassination was a mafia hit by the former red guards of Milosevic.)

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Belgrade Air-raid Sirens

Every night the people of Yugoslavia of all ages and ethnic backgrounds went to sleep with the "comforting" sounds of these sirens; .wav format 671k

Photo by Strike on Yugoslavia

2) What is the link between the re-unification of East and West Germany and Germany as the economic center of Europe, Adolf Hitler's dream?

3) What is the connection to the destruction of large WARSAW nations and other smaller Central and Eastern European nations such as Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and the creation of small satellite nations to be controlled by America, Germany and Swiss bankers? (Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia were divided on the exact lines Hitler attempted to implement.)

Survivors of the Krajina massacre enter Belgrade.

Up to this time, the attack on the Serbs by U.S. and Croatian forces was the largest ethnic cleansing in modern history.

This line of refuges was over 30 miles long with about 50,000 people. 200,000 Serbs were "cleansed" from Croatia in this one attack.

Photos by Jan Irvin, August 1995.

4) What interest does the U.S. have in controlling Bosnia and Republika Srpska (not the Republic of Serbia as often confused by Western media, which is still Yugoslavia. Republika Srpska is the "new" Serb territory in Bosnia & Herzegovina set up by the U.S. and Germany in the Dayton agreement.)?

5) What interests do America and Germany have in controlling and supporting the Croatian Ustase, Bosnian Muslim Handjar, and Albanian Balije? All are former allies of NAZI Germany who played major roles in the killing of over 700,000 Serbs. Why has Western media erased the historical fact of the Ustase/Handjar/Balije/Nazi connection?

German and American embassies are attacked after American and Croat forces slaughter refuges in the Krajina.

10,000 civilians died in a forest while running to Serbia. Germans helped in the funding of the ethnic cleansing.
American media reported that Serbs attacked the embassies without provocation. Notice the broken windows.
Photos by Jan Irvin

I took these photos one day after the attack in August, 1995. I was chased and briefly detained by U.S. guards who attempted to take my camera for taking these pictures. I escaped by twisting loose, running through a crowd, and jumping on a bus that was just pulling away.

6) Why are NATO and the Dayton Agreement concerned in "democratizing" and Americanizing the Serbian Milicija? With the U.S. having the highest incarceration rate in the world, what "democratic" example could the U.S. police force possibly give?

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The most thorough WESTERN investigation of American and NATO actions and propaganda against Yugoslavia to date.
If you believe the Serbs are the evil demons of the Balkans, you'd better take a listen!

MP3 Audio - approx. 3 hours, Recorded Jan 1996

Part 1:

Part 2:
Part 3:


Dave Emory's For The Record
Over five years later Dave Emory goes back over his original investigation and adds new pieces of information to complete and solidify this detailed puzzle of the Balkan Wars Cover-up. - June 25, 2001:

Avila Tower before and after American missiles destroyed this famous landmark.
Right photo by Jan Irvin 1999

7) What are the plans in the West for destruction of Yugoslavia? Will Western powers help Albanian immigrants take South Serbia (Kosovo) and give it to Albania to create their "Greater Albania" (Also see this article) or create a new separate state/autonomy or country from Serbia? Is there involvement of Bob Dole and the Republican party's "Ethnic Outreach Council"?

See Bob Dole's 1986 Concurrent Resolution 150 against Yugoslavia

(Input: This area has always been Serbia but has many Albanian immigrants. (Many Albanians believe their ancient descendants from 3000 years ago called the Illyrians came from Kosovo. Many Historians argue that the Albanians originally came from Dalmatia (the Croatian coast).) When Yugoslav leaders were asked why don't they give up this ancient land, they replied "will America give back the south western states to Mexico?" (Whose territory it was just over 152 years ago, not to mention the large number of "so-called" Latino "immigrants" in the area.) The answer was, of course, "NO!".)

(Update: As of April 1998 the nationalist Albanian immigrant 'Kosovo Liberation Army' or KLA (so-named by American media in Jan. "98) in Kosovo has once again clashed with the Serbs. Known for decades, the immigrant nationalist have killed many Serbs and Albanian-Serb sympathizers in Kosovo driving as many as 200,000 to 500,000 Serbs from Kosovo in the last 30 years using rape, violence, murder and their growing economic-political gain in the name of "Greater Albania".

(See this 1982 New York Times article "Exodus of Serbians stirs Province in Yugoslavia" where 57,000 Serbs had already fled Kosovo)

Attention! There is a campaign to discredit the Greater Albania story.

Here is a map of "Greater Albania" from their Diaspora web site!

This website proves the "Greater Albania" threat is no "conspiracy theory."

In 1929, for example, the Serbs constituted 61% of Kosovo's population, ethnic Albanians 33%, and others 6%. Nearly twenty years after the W.W.II slaughter of Serbs, by 1961, ethnic Albanians accounted for 67%, the Serbs for 27%, and others for 6%. Today, Kosovo Albanians represent about 90% of Kosovo's population according to New York Times' figures.

In retaliation the Serbs have killed and Belgrade (Beograd), the Serbian and Yugoslavian capitol, has tightened its grip on the Albanian immigrants. Much of the current fight started 30 years ago because of the Serbian government's refusal to give the immigrants citizenship and the rights there of. Unlike the U.S., most, if not all European nations, don't give immigrants citizenship. Such is the case with Yugoslavia. In 1941 during W.W.II Yugoslavia did give all immigrants living in Yugoslavia at the time full citizenship. But like the rest of Europe refused to do so again. In 1981 more Serbs again fled Kosovo as Albanian immigrant resistance started to grow into violence against Serbs and the occasional murder of Serbian police officers.

By 1987, Belgrade began stripping rights away from the region with the consent of the established Kosovo Albanian government authorities. Regardless, by 1991 the fighting had begun in isolated areas and Belgrade continued to tighten down. Albanian nationalists wanted to use the Bosnian war as their chance to start are war in Kosovo while Belgrade's attention was on Bosnia. The nationalists' decision for the attack was declined for strategic reasons until April '98 when 250 Albanian troops attempted to cross into Serbia from Albania. Serb forces successfully defended Yugoslav borders legally under international law from foreign attack. The following day Western media claimed "Serbian forces slaughtered 23 Albanians in border fight." The U.S. media twisted this story so that Americans would believe the Albanians were defenseless when they were actually the ones committing the attack.

Now the Serbs fight to maintain their own civil rights in Kosovo as the now larger Albanian population fights for its civil rights against Belgrade and to gain control of the region for their own independence to form their own autonomy or country known as "Greater Albania".

In the '98 conflict Yugoslav and Serbian police entered Kosovo (a province or county of Serbia) to protect Serb civilians. As a result, the Yugoslav and Serbian police killed the Albanian nationalist leader and other radicals who where guilty of war crimes and corruption against Serbs and Albanian-Serb sympathizers. The immigrant nationalists fed up with being treated as immigrants launched their attack. In the weeks following, UN/NATO forces told the Serbian government they were not to use force against the terrorist nationalists who were importing guns and running drugs to pay for the war from Albania into Yugoslavia and elsewhere (See the Balkan Wars News Articles server). UN/NATO forces already involved in demonizing the Serbs told Belgrade that if force was used, NATO would intervene on behalf of the Albanians. In contrast, at the same time in Ireland in the ongoing battle with the IRA, English Prime Minister Tony Blair stated that he would not allow his police to be attacked by terrorists. No threats were made to Tony Blair by the UN/NATO forces.

This brand new freeway bridge over the Sava river in Beograd was bombed just days after construction was completed.

This freeway was to quicken the transportation of foreign goods through Yugoslavia.

Photos by Jan Irvin, 1999

American defense and military experts are calling the Albanians terrorists and murderers. American government and media are calling the Albanians heroes and Milosevic/Serbia the terrorists. Who's right? Why the difference in opinion between the American policy makers and the American policy enforcers? Why has the American media failed to mention thirty years of Albanians purging of Serbs from the area while only mentioning the current 150,000 Albanian refugees running from Kosovo?

(Note: The refugees running from Kosovo began after the U.S. bombing that killed more than 35,000 civilians. Most people were actually running from U.S. missiles and not the FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) army. Albanian estimates say that 2000 people on BOTH sides (FRY & KLA) were killed during ALL battles between the FRY and KLA armies during the 2 years of war. FRY states that 800 were killed. I'll estimate 1,500. This war, when compaired to the 35,000 deaths caused by the U.S. in just three months, could have gone on for over 23 years before the death totals even came close to those caused by the U.S. "protecting" these people! What would the American government do if Latino immigrants built a large army in Southern California and started killing residents to "re"-gain independence for Mexico? Let us not forget OUR treatment of immigrants!!)

(Read what the British Helsinki Human Rights Group has to say)

(Note: Albania is to Yugoslavia what Mexico is to America. Yugoslavia has a far higher standard of living, which entices many Albanians to immigrate to Yugoslavia seeking a better life. Albania is the poorest country in Europe. Kosovo was NOT Albania 152 years ago unlike California was Mexico, but many Albanians argue that it was part of Illyrian territory some 1500 to 3000 years ago! The Illyrian argument is very weak considering that Illyrian people were most likely from the area of Dalmatia on the Croatian coast. Compare 1500 years ago to the stealing of Native American lands just 100 years ago. Get over it!)

8.) What is the purpose of the satanization of Serbs by Western media and blaming all war crimes on the Serbs when the Croatian Ustase and Bosnian Muslims backed by American and German money and arms committed so many themselves?

(Note: Not all Croats are Ustase. A Serb nationalist group known as the 'Cetniks' have committed many war crimes too, but on scale they are FAR more "innocent" than the much larger, former Nazi ally, Ustase.)

This Beograd hospital was bombed while my friend's wife gave birth.

Left photo by Strike on YU, right photo by Jan Irvin

9) Why is the US media blaming all Serbs for war crimes committed by the small 2000-5000 member army of Serbian Mafia boss Zeljko Raznatovic a.k.a. "Arkan"? The U.S. government knows it was him and not the FRY army that pillaged villages and robbed and murdered all over Croatia and Bosnia during the war because they seek him for war crimes. Could it be that western media needed to satanize ALL Serbs for US/NATO covert operations in the region? (Update: Zeljko Raznatovic, worldwide known after his nickname "Arkan," was killed on Saturday, January 15, 2000. Unknown assassins shot him three times in the head in the lobby of Intercontinental Hotel in Belgrade.)

10) Why have American "Rent-A-Generals" been training Bosnian Muslims and arming them with American weapons at the cost to U.S. taxpayers for another "ethnic cleansing" of Bosnian Serbs?

11) As of September 1997 why is NATO so concerned about "propaganda" about NATO aired on Republika Srpska radio and TV that they are flying high-tech airplanes over the area to jam all transmissions? (Update: As of Oct. 1997 America has complete control over Republika Srpska media. What happened to the American belief in the 1st Amendment? Do our beliefs for ourselves not include others?)

U.S. Cultural Center in downtown Beograd.

The center was attacked in retaliation for the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians by U.S. missiles.
Photos by Jan Irvin

12) What is the Vatican's involvement with the Croatian Ustase? Why does the Vatican house 200,000,000 Swiss Francs and artifacts in the basement of the Vatican documented to belong to the Jews and Serbs murdered in W.W.II by the Ustase? (This point was brought up in U.S. Main-stream media!)? Do the Vatican's ancient "Knights of Malta" (Formerly known as the "Knights Hospitallers", "Knights of Rhodes...Island", or "Knights of the Hospital of St. John".) See 'Born in Blood' by John J. Robinson.) have a role in the current situation? Has the Vatican been funding the Catholic, Croat Ustase to fight against the Orthodox Christian Serbs in the current war as they did in W.W.II and nearly every war for a 1000 years? (Note: It has been a historical question as to whether or not the Vatican funded both the Nazis and Ustase in W.W.II. Read UnHoly Trinity by John Loftus and The Vatican's Holocaust by Avro Manhattan. Loftus was the U.S. Justice Department prosecutor for the Carter and Reagan administrations. He investigated Nazis hiding in the U.S. and on the U.S. payroll. This trail led him to the Vatican.)

(Update: 3/16/1998 Vatican admits anti-Semitic attitude during W.W.II. and publicly apologizes to Jews. No apology to Serbs in sight.)

(Update 9/15/2004: Vatican finally busted! Vatican Bank lawsuit hearing in Federal Appeals Court October 7, 2004! Actual lawsuit FILED against "Medjugorje Advocate" from USA! Document 1, Document 2)

Listen Now!

Dr. Michael Parenti's "War in Yugoslavia"
Recorded May 5th, 1999 at Cal. State Fullerton. Approx 92 minutes.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Belgrade business center and T.V. stations.
The U.S. bombed Serbia's TV stations to show our support for our 1st Amendment.

Left photo by Strike on YU - Right photo by Jan Irvin

13) Why did America rush to place sanctions against Yugoslavia (who never entered the war except to free refugees) and the former states? Why were the U.S. and Germany the first nations to violate sanctions against arms sales to all sides except the still-current Yugoslavia?

14) Why has the U.S. government been appointing top Nazi/Ustase officials to key offices in U.S. government for the last fifty years? Why did the American government help these officials escape war crime tribunals? (Note: This was practiced in W.W.II under Operation Paper clip and most likely in the current Balkan situation under the Republican Party's fascist "Ethnic Outreach Council" (see John Loftus).

15) Why did Canadian Major General, Lewis MacKenzie, retire after his command in Sarajevo? Or was he relieved for "not doing a good enough job"? Did his book PEACE-KEEPERS (Douglas & McIntyre '93, Harper Collins '94) tell the truth of the Balkan war? Did he personally see the Bosnian Muslims bomb themselves and blame it on the Serbs for UN and international sympathy?

16) If we are to consider the Serbs as evil, then why do we fail to remember the following points? A) Why have Serbs always welcomed Croats and Bosnian Muslims to live in Serbia even to this day? Except for Kosovo, there has never been a problem with other ethnicities in Serbia. In fact, President Tito (a Mason - died '82) had a strict ANTI-prejudice policy to all people, beginning speeches with 'My brothers and Sisters' and never 'ladies and Gentlemen'. People on the streets even introduced each other as 'friends' and not Sir or Madam! B) Why is it that if a Serb attempts to enter Bosnia or Croatia the SERB will be killed? Why are Bosnian Muslims and Croats free to enter and leave Serbia as they please? C) Why does Serbia accept Croat and Muslim refugees, but Croatia and Bosnia don't even allow Serb travelers?

(Update: By my return to the Balkans in Sept. 2000, Bosnia and Croatia were once again allowing Serb travelers. One Croatian family even called an acquaintance on the phone to come to Croatia to pay her cash for a house they had stolen during the war. She went to Croatia from Serbia and received the money without problem.)

17) With the end of the Cold War, what does the U.S. gain by continuing NATO and NATO expansion? With no enemies, what is the need for so many new countries to join NATO? Could it be that the Adolf Hitler / George Bush dream of a New World Order has finally come true? (Note: Bush committed treason saying he wanted a "New World Order." Bush Talk #1 with Jello Biafra and Michael Parenti: Excerpt from 'Soldiers of Peace' by She Who Remembers, NWO Talk #2, NWO Talk #3. It is also a historical fact that the Bush family owned controlling interest in stock with the (UBC) Union Banking Corporation, along with the Walker family and Bin Laden family. See the SWR Archives sound file Daniel Sheehan - Bush Ties to 911 and Dave Emory's Binladengate: Islam, Fascism, and The GOP on 7/20 2002 (below). The (UBC) Union Banking Corporation funded the Nazis and the Bush family even had their assets seized briefly after W.W.I.I. until they could pull some strings to get it back!. See John Loftus.)

Binladengate, Part 1:

Binladengate, Part 2:

18) The secret reason behind the bombing of the Chinese Embassy is that over 100,000,000 (100 million) Chinese and another 18,000,000 (18 Million) Russians volunteered to fight against the U.S. in a ground invasion if the U.S. entered Yugoslavia. This is equivalent of over half the U.S. population in total! See European press for April thru July, 1999. Also see Balkan Wars News article server.

The Chinese Embassy

Rope made from linens hangs out the window of the bombed Chinese embassy.

The embassy was destroyed by a direct hit from a guided missile that penetrated the very center of the building on May 7, 1999.

The U.S. gov. claimed that they had missed a target two blocks away.

Two blocks away were apartment buildings seen in the bottom right

Either the U.S. government targeted the embassy, or the U.S. government targeted civilians.
Either way, this IS a WAR CRIME.
Photos by Jan Irvin, 1999

Note: Some will ask the intelligent question as to why would over 100 million Chinese volunteer to fight against the U.S. over a ground invasion into Yugoslavia. The answer is simple. Every Chinese new year since W.W.I.I. the Chinese government shows an old Serbian film on National TV about how the Serbs stood up at all odds against their Nazi (Also Ustase/Balije/Handjar) oppressors. After a period of occupation the Serbs over threw the Nazis bringing the war and the Nazis to their knees. If it wasn't for the Serbs the Nazis would likely have won on the Russian front and won the war. Who wouldn't want to back the valiant people who defeated the Nazis?

It's a little known fact that after W.W.I the U.S. Also had a national Serbian day to honor the Serbs for defeating the Austrians/Germans in that war. The Serbian flag flew over all U.S. government buildings including the White House:

".... While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken. Though overwhelmed by superior forces their LOVE OF FREEDOM remains unabated. Brutal force has left unaffected their firm determination to sacrifice everything for LIBERTY and INDEPENDENCE...." (caps mine)

Woodrow Wilson, President, The White House, July 1918.

19) Why did Croatian president Franjo Tudjman, a former Nazi ally, fly the Croatian-Nazi flag over the Croatian capitol on the day Croatia announced secession? Was the flag flown to incite the Serbs to attack Croatia? (Remember that the Serbs lost nearly 700,000 lives in W.W.II and the Croatians killed several hundred thousand of those people under that flag.) Why did the U.S. back this blatant statement of Nazi support? Why has the U.S. media twisted the truth behind Tudjman's ugly past? (Update: Tudjman died of cancer between December 10 and 11, 1999)

Jan Irvin speaks at a San Francisco protest against the war in Yugoslavia, 1999

A Brief History

Macedonia, upper Greece (to 100km north of Athens), and even most of Albania itself (around 1350) were at one time all Serbia. As well, Bosnia and Croatia had long held large Serb populations. Throughout history the borders often changed do to battles with the Ottoman-Turks and Austro-Hungarians and other forces. The Serbs forgave the Croatians twice only to be slaughtered again. The first occurred after the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which Croatia was apart, during which the lives of thousands of Serbs were taken and many were enslaved. The second time occurred after W.W.II for the Nazi/Ustase (also Handjar/Balije) killing of over 700,000 Serbs. The Serbs took up the task both times of mothering these incredulous murderers (In the same way Russia and the United States managed or mothered East and West Germany after W.W.II.), and forced Croatia to remain a part of Yugoslavia, only for the Serbs to be slaughtered again (the third time) in the last series of wars.

Serbia - c. 1350 CE

As for Bosnia, Bosnian Muslims remain in Bosnia from the Ottoman-Turkish Empire, which lasted 500 years in Serbia from the 1400's to approximately 1918 at the formation of Yugoslavia (Jugo = south; Slav = Slavic peoples (L. slave) - southern Slavs or "Jugoslavija"). Most Bosnian Muslims are ethnically Serb whom where forced to become Muslim. Those who are not Serb are Turk settlers from the Ottoman-Turkish Empire. We can only imagine what took place during that long period of time, but monuments abound in Serbia to represent the horrors that took place against the Serbian people.
Today the American government's proclaimed hero, Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic (Update: Izetbegovic resigned as president in 2000) is an "ex"-Nazi war hero. Mr. Izetbegovic served several years in prison after W.W.II after being found guilty at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunals for war crimes against American soldiers and Serbs. Mr. Izetbegovic claims to have been locked up for campaigning against communism (Let us remember that the Serbs were U.S. allies.). At age eighteen Mr. Izetbegovic was a member and recruiter for the 13th Handjar division (Handjar is Turkish for 'knife' or 'to slice the throat'.). The Handjar division was a special Nazi task force using the Muslims to purge the Serbs from the Balkans under control of Germany. Currently Mr. Izetbegovic calls his presidential bodyguards 'Handjar'.

Thousands of refugee Serbs fleeing Croatia and Bosnia to what is left of Serbia have made or been forced to make Kosovo their new home. Because the new Serb refugees in the Kosovo area have already lost everything (cars, tractors, businesses, farm houses and bank accounts) they are particularly sensitive to any attempts by Albanians or anyone to gain control of the area as an autonomy, state, or "Greater Albania". The Serbs are at their bottom and will die to protect what is left.

A famous saying by Yugoslav president Marshal Tito states, "We don't want what is not ours, we won't give up what is ours" 1944. This basically meant that Serbs were never to invade other countries, but were to die protecting Yugoslavia... even though Tito (A Croat) promoted the migration of Albanian immigrants and forbid Serbs who fled Kosovo to return. Many believe Tito was promoting the current situation. Retaliation is viewed by the western world as the Serbs' fault. (Blame the victim, as the saying goes.) Now with Albania in the picture, and America on Albania's side, it's no wonder the Serbs are nervous.

As for Greece, the entire upper half of Greece was at one time Serbia. This explains the large number of Serbo-Croatian speaking Greeks (Actually Greek-Serbs). Greece is the ONLY former Serb area that is still an ally with Yugoslavia. Greece and Yugoslavia, both Orthodox Christian, have always supported each other when being oppressed by their Muslim and Catholic neighbors. Greece only sides with NATO under extreme pressure from United Europe and the threat of economic instability. That explains the recent Greek turn-around over EU airline sanctions against JAT (Jugoslav Aero-Transport) in Sept. 1998. The Greeks often emerge as the Serbs only ally in Yugoslavia's worst moments.

As the history shows, it's native Serbs on native Serbian land fighting for native Serbian rights. This may remind you of Native Americans on Native American land fighting for Native American rights.

Let us not forget our own history!

There is something that I did not mention that the Serb people are guilty of.

The citizens of Serbia in their fear have failed to oust the corrupt government of Milosevic. The Serb people had their chance in the protests of 1996-97 to overthrow that government - even though the "opposition" leaders worked for Milosevic. (Update: Serbs overthrew Milosevic in Sept. 2000. Protesters stormed the Yugoslavian Parliament and removed the Milosevic regime from office.)

Montenegro's President Milo and his guerillas walk to Sveti Stefan for a meeting with international politicians.

Photo By Jan Irvin, 7/28/1998

The Yugoslav area is a great strategic point of Europe having access to the Adriatic / Mediterranean Sea, the Danube river, and access to the Black sea via the Danube river. Yugoslavia's transport routs connect Western Europe to Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East (The Green Highway) making Yugoslavia a worthy military prize. America wants control of that prize.


Update, September 12, 2011: The Weight of Chains - the most explosive expose to date regarding the above crimes against Yugoslavia.

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