Under construction August 3rd 1998 being updated directly from Serbia.

These are only notes as I progress my work. This page contains major conflicts in US media, and little known history of the Illyrian and Epirian people. Please ignore the spelling, as they are only notes until my work is complete.


* The Serbian kingdom stretched from 100km (67 miles) north of Athens, Greece to south of the border of Slovenia in what is now Croatia.
* History books state that around 1350 90% if not all of Albania was Serbia. * Historians know these facts, but these seem to be deliberate misrepresentations of western media.
* On July 28th 1918 US president Woodrow Wilson, flew the Serbian flag over the US Capitol to honor the valiant Serbian people for helping to end W.W.I against the Germans.
* In W.W.II the Germans had to redirect the forces from Russia to the Balkans to fight against the Serbs, because of this, Germany lost the war....In other words, we would be under German control if it were not for the Serbs.
* In W.W.II, the Serbs saved many american pilots that were shot down by the Germans, the Serbs were one of America's strongest allies against the Italian and German allies.
* In W.W.II the Albanians where known as the Balije, whose complete support was given to the Nazi Germans and the Balije as the Hanjar and Ustase helped purge the Serbs from their homeland.
* In W.W.II more Serbs were killed in the Capitol city of Belgrade by allied forces (British) trying to eliminate German occupation than were killed by the Nazis themselves during the occupation.
Other History

* The "quote" savage Serbs invented the fork and spoon around the 1200's while the rest of the "civilized" world ate with their hands (except, of coarse the Orient that ate with chop sticks)
* Marko Polo was a Serb from near the border of Italy, Italians claim he is Italian.
* Famous inventor Nikola Tesla was a Croatian born Serb.
* Serbs have feared attack from Albanian immigrants for 30 years. Many immigrants have attacked and raped Serbs, murdered Serbs, and purposefully economically and politically driven them out of the area for nearly 30 years.

Albanian inter-conflict

* KLA can't agree with itself
* KLA kills Albanian Serb sympathizers
* 70-90% of Albanians back Serbs---State reasons
* In Albania there is conflict and possible civil war. War may start over failure of "pyramid schemes". July 29th '98
* Albanian President says Kosovo should remain Serbian

One sided Media

* Tito " We don't want what is not ours, we won't give up what is ours" 1944....though Tito supported the migration of albanian immigrants into Kosovo.
* American media calls KLA "so-called terrorists"
* NATO is already claiming Serbia WILL lose Kosovo, ignoring the last 30 years of conflict and problems with Albanian immigrants.
* Since my first travels to Serbia in '95 I was always told to stay clear of Albanian border for risk of death by Albanian immigrant nationalists.
* Everyday between July 15th and 31st '98, American media (CNN) nearly literally changed who was the problem factor in the region.
* American Media showing Albanian women and children crying and homeless for sympathy while failing to mention the last 30 years of Albanian treatment of Serbs.
* American naming of "KLA" in January 1998, making KLA seem like a new problem.
* US media has been "VERY" carefull not to say anything negative about KLA, while mentioning only negative or neutral about Serbs.
* American portrayal of Albanian women and girls in KLA as a necessity to protect themselves against Serbs. American media failing to mention Albanians are muslim which often treat women as second class citizens, barely better than pets, and often use women as human shields to protect their "heroic male" soldiers

American Double Standard

* On July 29th Madeline Albright told Serbs they must end fighting at all costs. This was not directed towards KLA what so ever. Russian President Boris Yeltsin stepped in to say US is playing "double standard", saying that the US only wants to stop the Serbs, but does not really care about ending conflicts anywhere. For example, Cypress, Spain, France, Ireland, Kasmir, Pakistan and India, Israel and Palestine....Israeli is breaking international law while settling in the West Bank etc, etc.
* US claims to want to end conflicts while "illegally" supplying arms to KLA through tunnels, etc. from Albania. On Week of July 24th, CNN "so-called Balkan expert" (who had no doubt never been to the Balkans) admitted the KLA was receiving arms from the US, Germany, and other European countries while also receiving financial aid from the "neutral" Switzerland.
* This in my opinion is due to the large lobbying groups from these countries in the US. Serbs do not have, or have very few lobbyists when compared with Israeli, Croatia, Albania, Germany, the Vatican, etc, etc.

"Miss"-treatment of Albanians in Serbia
* Albanians want their own university in Kosovo taught in Albanian, and want these schools paid for by Serbs....American would never do this i.e. the recent removal of multilingual education in the US against Latino "immigrants". Failure to allow Puerto Rico in as a state because of 75% spanish speaking people.
* Tunnels from Albania with free flow of arms to KLA with american help....who helped build tunnels...US?
* KLA leader says "NO" diplomatic resolution, ONLY NATO intervention in KLA favour.
* 1941 Albanian immigrants already in Kosovo given full citizenship.
* 1981 Large scale resistance started by immigrants for Serb failure to give immigrants citizenship.....This is standard policy for nearly all (if not all)of Europe.
* 1991 War with Albanian immigrants at start of other separation in YU, Albanians saw their "chance".

Displacement of Population

* 150,000 Albanians displaced by Serb action in Kosovo during '98 conflict.
* Approximately 500,000 Serbs displaced by Albanians in prior 30 years of conflict.
* Original Serb population in Kosovo 700,000 less than 30 years ago, now down to less than 200,000 before '98 conflict.

Catch 22

* If Albanian immigrants succeed in Separating Kosovo for their own autonomy or joining Kosovo with Albania, they will once again be where they started. Poor people seeking a better place to live. This, to begin with, is the original reason why they left Albania which happens to be the poorest country in Europe, and one of the 10 poorest in the world.

I have no doubt that the Albanian immigrants will once again attempt to migrate to to what is left of the ever dwindling Serbia.
History will repeat,.

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