UnSpun 173 – David Douglas: “Seven Years Clean”

Dave Douglas is just an average guy, with one notable exception. Dave was addicted to opioid pain medication for nearly a decade and managed to kick the habit using the controversial hallucinogen Ibogaine. In his early 20's, he was prescribed high doses of opioids following multiple stomach surgeries. When he could no longer obtain valid prescriptions, he turned to obtaining the drug illegally, at one point ingesting nearly two dozen 30 mg doses per day. In 2012, he heard Jan Irvin discuss Ibogaine as a treatment for opioid dependence on Joe Rogan's podcast. Homeless and desperate, Dave traveled to Mexico to undergo a single Ibogaine trip under medical supervision. The effects transformed his life. According to Dave, he achieved a sense of mental clarity and found "self-forgiveness." He also states that he experienced no withdrawal symptoms or cravings subsequent to the Ibogaine treatment. After a short stint working at the treatment center that helped him overcome his addiction, he returned to his home near Asheville, NC and rebuilt his life.

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