UnSpun 159 – Todd: “The Curious Tale of Baron von Sebottendorf”

Live Wednesday at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun 159 – Todd: "The Curious Tale of Baron von Sebottendorf"

Today Todd returns as we look into the mysterious tale and history of Baron von Sebottendorf, or Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer, the Thule Society, its influence on Nazis, and Sebottendorf's conversion to Islam.

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  1 comment for “UnSpun 159 – Todd: “The Curious Tale of Baron von Sebottendorf”

  1. John Cokos
    June 27, 2019 at 9:28 am

    Well, a lot going on to say the least. The issue of Glauer being Jewish was one that I could find no reference for either. The closest I came was that it was Hungarian in origin if I remember correctly.
    Sean Hross: HomieLand Sickurity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMPAlH_u91w is his new Youtube channel. Hross was living in Switzerland when he did his epic work on the Swiss/German connection and toured Europe as an ex-pat of sorts. Been a follower of his for some time, he has a lot of research on the the Nights Templars and all the symbolism through out Europe. You would need to view ALL his work, which is DISAPPEARING from YoutUBE AS WE SPEAK.
    There is a copy of the 1717 Masonic Constitution available which was compiled by someone who was a Monk I believe. It’s NOT in a readable print format and I have a PDF of the images.There is some question as to whether it was an original “Constitution” as such, but a compilation of older historical reference’s.

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