UnSpun 151 – Alan Adkisson: “MKULTRA and Cannabis”

Live on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun 151 – Alan Adkisson: “MKULTRA and Cannabis”

Today we're going to have a change of pace and get back to discussing MKULTRA with Alan Addisson. What is the Truth behind marijuana legalization and the medical marijuana industry? Is it at all what we're told?

Alan Admission is a Founder at Gro-Kashi Intl (Gro-Kashi.com) and Co-founder at Probiotic Farmers Alliance / Gro-Kashi beta testing community on Facebook. Emerald Triangle resident since 2001. The Probiotic faring community knows him worldwide as a trusted Craftsman in large scale anaerobic solid state fermentation for both the US Dairy industry and cannabis community. Currently involved in scientific study of Bioremediation of Agent Orange in North Vietnam. Prodigy of Rev Eddy Lepp, and is well known for the continuing R&D brought to light by Jack Herer, in the practical use of effective microorganisms to safeguard the MMJ industry and our right to farm.

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