UnSpun 125 – Casey Pfeiffer: “Structural failures of World Trade Center Buildings on September 11th”

UnSpun 125 – Casey Pfeiffer: "Structural failures of World Trade Center Buildings on September 11th"

Live on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun #125: "Structural failures of World Trade Center Buildings on September 11th"

Casey Pfeiffer joins us to discuss September 11, 2011.

Marshall is a structural engineer who operates as MARSHALL CASEY PFEIFFER, CALIFORNIA STRUCTURAL ENGINEER #5013 in San Diego California. Marshall has been working as an engineer in the field of structural engineering since 1996 and been working in California since 1998. Experience in the field of structural engineering includes the design of wood, concrete, steel, aluminum, and glass for buildings up to 6 stories tall including lateral and gravity systems. Marshall has operated as a structural engineer for large structural engineering firms and as a business man developing relationships in the field as a director of private engineering for business and residential clients. Marshall has a four year college degree in the field of Civil Engineering with a concentration on structural engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Marshall has been a member and contributing engineer to the efforts of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Participation has included:
– an interview in the documentary 911 Experts Speak Out;
– Project Due Dilligence;
– https://www.ae911truth.org/project-due-diligence
– Board Member for the groups' efforts moving forward.

Websites relative to the efforts:
www.pcse-sd.com as the current engineering company where Marshall participates.

https://www.ae911truth.org as the main site for the architects and engineers efforts to bring truth forward.

http://www.wtc7evaluation.org as the introdution to the evaluation of Building #7 by Leroy Hulsey.

http://911freefall.com as the site for the recent podcasts posted in Facebook for the interviews for Casey Pfeiffer and Leroy Hulsey

I would like to give gratitude and recognition to the efforts of the following people in the effort of finding truth and diligently attempted to bring truth forward to the minds of others on this topic:
Jan Irvin, Logos Media
Richard Gage, AIA Architect
Roland Angle, Civil Engineer
Tony Szamboti, Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Steele, 911 Freefall Media
Dan Barnum, FAIA Architect
Leroy Hulsey, Professor in Structural Engineering, University of Alaska
Ronald Brookman, Structural Engineer
Kamal Obeid, Structural Engineer
and many others who have worked on the effort to bring the truth forward.

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