UnSpun 121 – Secrets of the Royal Society, pt. 3: “From Economics to Social Engineering”

Live on Tuesdays at 5pm (TONIGHT) Pacific time – UnSpun #121: Secrets of the Royal Society, pt. 3: from Economics to Social Engineering.

Tonight Holly and I continue our series looking into the secret history of the Royal Society, their origins and iron grip on "science and truth", scientism, the peer review system, et al. In this episode we expose how the Royal Society was behind the creation of communism, creating both Capitalist and Communist ideals as a dialectic. The Royal Society was also behind vast areas of social engineering, and members were likely part of the creation of LSD, and the psychedelic revolution. In this episode we focus on the time frame beginning with Adam Smith - 1773, then we jump to Karl Marx - 1862, then to Sir James George Frazer - 1890s to 1930s, and also discuss Arthur Stoll, Julian Huxley, and Albert Einstein.

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