Truther Talk Episode 50: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric.. Oh my!!!


In Truther Talk Episode 50: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric.. Oh my! April and Virstyne bring back their favorite correspondent, Sara Sotomayor for this milestone 50th. episode.

Sara, the third member of Truther Talk first appeared on the show as a guest describing in great deal her vaccine injury at age 13 after receiving the criminally negligent Gardasil. Her writing, research and story can be found at her blog:

The Truther Talk family could think of no greater guest than the one and only Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media to commemorate number 50. Jan is an independent researcher, author and lecturer. His popular podcasts Gnostic Media, Peace Revolution, articles, books and youtube videos can be found at his website:

He is an avid educator of a teaching method known as the Trivium which when used properly allows one to think clearly, concisely and reduce the clutter of the mind that leads to confusion. For more on Trivium education, go to:

We thank all our listeners and followers for allowing us to make this milestone. We humbly ask you all to please stay tuned, as we're just getting started!

Until next time..

Peace, truth & love,

Truther Talk

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