URGENT RELEASE: The CIA’s Terence McKenna FOIA request response – “a search for records that would reveal a positive Agency affiliation” – “classified”


Following the original research I put out on R. Gordon Wasson on May 13, 2012, in an article titled Magic Mushrooms and the Psychedelic Revolution: Beginning a New History” – or “The Secret History of Magic Mushrooms - which revealed R. Gordon Wasson as a CIA agent or asset, in late August I put out the following article in regard to some very interesting findings regarding Terence McKenna, Aldous Huxley and the Esalen institute. For those interested in reading this original article, see How Darwin, Huxley, and the Esalen Institute launched the 2012 and psychedelic revolutions – and began one of the largest mind control operations in history". Further information on this topic is put forth in these recent videos: "Turning the Tables”, and Prof. Jay Fikes, Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin – “A Conversation about Mind Control”.

Additional research in this regard is laid out in the Brain research database - which reveals many dozens of connections in the McKenna/Huxley and Darwin nexus, leading into eugenics and population control. The database and its 11,000+ citations, with INSTRUCTIONS of how to study it, maybe found here.

Following up with the above papers and database leads, recently I filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Terence Kemp McKenna (amongst others) with the CIA. The response came back that it's "classified" information, and that "Our processing included a search for records that would reveal an openly acknowledged agency affiliation", and stated that I must file an appeal for further information. An appeal was later filed and is currently pending.

A basic glossary is here to help people understand the FIOA.




RESPONSIVE – Letters that are NOT classified that the CIA MAY send. Such responsive letters are marked with the CIA’s stamp and release date when they’re approved to be sent out as “responsive” to the FOIA act requests. Here are two examples of responsive records sent to me by the CIA in response to my FOIA request on R. Gordon Wasson - filed in February 2012 (letter 1 - Gordon Wasson to DCI Allen Dulles, and letter 2, DCI Allen Dulles response to Gordon Wasson). These two letters, of several, reveal a conversation and friendship between the head of the CIA, DCI Allen Dulles, and Gordon Wasson, and the two are letters revealing the recruitment of the Ambassador to Vietnam, Ellsworth Bunker, to the Century Club (the East Coast version of the Bohemian Club) just 5 weeks before the Life Magazine article "Seeking the Magic Mushroom" was published on May 13, 1957. The stamps at the tops and bottoms of the letters marks them as approved for release, which means they're "responsive" records.

APPEAL – this means to appeal their decision to deny my request and not provide the documents they don’t consider “responsive”.

A DENIAL of FOIA RESPONSIVE documents does not mean that they didn't find anything. It means they found classified documents that they cannot send, and are waiving the law around as justification, and therefore they denied my request and said that I could APPEAL their decision within 45 days. If there was nothing found, there would be no "openly acknowledged Agency affiliation" to reveal, nor would there be a request to deny, much less any need to appeal such! A basic understanding of the English language and fallacious logic is key to understanding this document. Hopefully the above glossary helps.

Download the PDF here: www.logosmedia.com/txtfiles/TerenceMcKenna_CIA_FOIAresponse02.pdf

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