Aeon Byte – “The Trivium Method: The Last Hope For Liberation From An Oppressive Society”

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio interview with Miguel Conner, 9/18/2010.

In ancient times, a critical form of thinking known as The Trivium Method was utilized that greatly advanced societies and developed towering figures who changed history for the better. It was used by Hindu sages and later perfected by such Greek philosophers as Socrates and Aristotle. Beyond raising a person's ability to reason to its full potential, it was the best weapon to pierce the veils of false realities created by agents attempting to destroy individuality and impose collective thought. The Trivium Method survived throughout history by the efforts of benign luminaries, eventually widely taught across Western Society. Yet The Trivium was gradually phased out before the Industrial Evolution, leaving societies exposed and vulnerable to the mental viruses of those in power. In our modern days, we are increasingly bombarded by the manipulations of business marketing, religious agendas, and political propaganda. Modern man has become simply a repository for data that can be easily programmed to the highest bidder. Our education systems are factories that remove our logical capabilities and innate imagination. Yet if The Trivium Method can be given back to the common citizen, the tide of growing oppression can finally be turned before civilization implodes into a primitive state with a few malign elite in charge.

Astral Guest-- Jan Irvin, co-author of Astrotheology & Shamanism, author of The Holy Mushroom: Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity, and co-producer of the DVD The Pharmacratic Inquisition.

Topics Discussed:

--A breakdown of the Trivium Method, as well as its satellite systems such as the Quadrivium, the 7 Liberal Arts, and Logical Fallacies.
--How not only has the Trivium Method been taken away from us, but the reality that those in power use it against us most of the day!
--A historical overview of it development, usage and basic theft from the citizenry.
--How religious fundamentalist utilize the Trivium Method, yet force themselves to forget it in order to blind themselves as they blind society from gaining independence.
--Examples of using the Trivium Method to find liberating truths such as the big lie we really won the Revolutionary War, the smoke and mirrors of the wars on drugs and terror, the necessity of an armed citizenry, and the reality that Climate Change is nothing more than a form of eugenics meant to cause a gradual holocaust (and more!).
--Some of the more sinister movements and manipulations, such as the Sophists and Sophistry (the art of winning arguments for the sake of just winning), which lead to the death of Socrates and continues to destroy heroes and luminaries up to our present times.

And much more!!! Waking up isn’t enough…you gotta rub out all the crud each and every one of us has.

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