R.I.P. George Clayton Johnson interview – “Between Science and Superstition” – #064

This show is being released on Monday, February 08, 2010. My interview with George Clayton Johnson was recorded on January 08, 2010.

It has come to my attention that George passed on Dec. 25, 2015.

What do Merlin the Magician, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Kung Fu, Ocean's 11, Logan's Run and hemp have in common? Today's guest, and we'll be traveling with him to the realm between science and superstition that lies across the oceans, through the stars and into the Twilight Zone.

I've known George Clayton Johnson for about 17 years. And George hardly looks like he's changed a bit in all of those years, probably because he's been out kicking the can. Next times you hear children playing kick the can outside, you can bet that one of them is George Clayton Johnson.

In my early twenties George was the man that not only inspired me to become a writer, but literally taught me how to observe. George is the author of Ocean's 11, the first episode of Star Trek, eight episodes of the Twilight Zone, the TV series Kung Fu, and the movie Logan's Run.

We met up for lunch at a cafe out in the Los Angeles area last month to sit down for an interview to discuss his life as one of the world's most famous science fiction writers.

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