Computer Fund Drive


This fund drive was started on 9/12/2016. As of 11/02/2016 we're at $981. Thanks to those who've donated!

We need your help!

We need to build a new work center / server for the main production machine here at Gnostic Media. Our current machine that does all the heavy work is 4 years old and needs to be replaced / upgraded badly. We're looking to build a dual octacore or better Intel Xeon system, with lots of RAM for quick video production. Currently it takes about 3 hours to render a 1 hour video. If there is a mistake, sometimes it can take an extra day to 2 to fix the errors, get things re-rendered, and ready for release. This new system will cut this production time down to minutes.

We'll need:

2 Xeon processors - these processors start at around $2000 ea.
4 hard drives (RAID 10) at 8TB or higher. - about $500 ea.
2 SSD drives (RAID 1) at 1TB or higher. - about $450 ea.
1 dual Xeon motherboard - about $500 and up.
2 Video cards - about $400 and up, ea.
1 Sound card - about $180.
Lots and lots of RAM - at least 128GB or more. This will likely cost over $1500.

We currently have the power supplies, and a case, but we'd like to replace the case, too.


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