UnSpun 196 – Kathleen Evenson: “Voter Fraud: Real or Imagined?”

UnSpun 196 – Kathleen Evenson: “Voter Fraud: Real or Imagined?”

Live Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun 196 – Tonight Kathleen Evenson joins me to discuss voter fraud. Is it just a right wing conspiracy cooked up by Trumpers? Or is there real evidence behind it? Who commits most of the voter fraud, the Right or the Left?

Kathleen Evenson graduated in June 1999 from CSUSB with a BS in Business Administration and a concentration in Accounting.

She started working for the State of California (Board of Equalization), August 1999 as a Tax Auditor and progressed to Senior Sales and Use Tax Auditor/Special Investigations and worked until retirement December 2015.

After the 2016 election she became involved with Election Integrity Project of California through Ruth Weiss and Linda Paine and served as a poll observation trainer and coordinator of approximately 12 people in the field. She served as the contact person and coordinator for all of the 14 polling locations throughout the Southern California mountains. In order to better understand the processes of the elections in San Bernardino County, Kathleen attended training classes offered by San Bernardino County for Poll Workers and Supervisor training, which better clarified the processes which needed to be observed. She collected the reports of violations from her 12 poll observers for analysis and compilation by Election Integrity staff. This data and the prior 10 years of election data was used by Judicial Watch in order to win the 2019 lawsuit against Los Angeles California to remove 1.5 million ineligible voters from the voter rolls. In March 2020, Kathleen was hired as a poll worker for the San Moritz polling location (which included 12 precincts) and again applied for November 3, 2020 elections. Kathleen became very intrigued and troubled with the election fraud issues and witnessed first-hand the problems and lack of accountability involved with the processes. Kathleen has spoken about these issues at various events in Southern California.


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